In a Nutshell

Real Stockton is an annual of love letters…

No-one comes out looking pretty in a Facebook war of words;

So, here on this blog, we have set about taking on the comment “that’s not real Stockton” (left on an attractive image of the town) to unambiguously prove it wrong.

Each individual letter we hope proves a gentle point, in a positive way, that Real Stockton is remarkable and that it resides in our spaces, places, people and connections.

We are collecting as many drops of Stockton wonder as we can over 2014 to create a deep well.  One that we invite you to dive into.  One that demonstrates we are living somewhere wonderful.

We are gathering these from voices that may not always be heard, where the message maybe isn’t as loud as it deserves to be, so that we can shout for them.  Or, for those who are loud and clear but maybe folk feel is not for the likes of them.  We’d like to show that it just might be, because Real Stockton is for everybody.

We do share our words and photographs with everyone that takes part.  If anyone featured can gain benefit from this than that’s brilliant!! If you are doing something amazing or special contact us.  If you know someone who makes you proud to know, that Real Stockton would be incomplete without, PLEASE definitely contact us!

We encourage all to contact us with ideas, interest and suggestions for inclusion.

Fill out the form below and we will get straight back to you!

P.S. We do also take commissions for positive activities, workshops and presentations.

With Love, Katy & Martin x


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