What Is It To Be Bold?

BOLD Photograph Me - Arc Stockton - Real Stockton 2014
To be strong and consistent?

Unafraid and resolute?

To be, unabashedly, just exactly who you are?

Arc Stockton is a growing local legend. A genuine community hub, life beams out through its glass walls coloured with laughter, joy, drama and intensity. No small part of that vibrancy comes from the Silver’s, the Arc’s own over 50’s group, who have recently produced a festival named BOLD that defines their essence.

As part of BOLD, we were lucky enough to be commissioned to produce especial portraits, currently exhibited in Arc, of Silver group members and other 50+ Arc users.

The images are shared there currently, in the space they belong, each celebrating the individuality of its subject. To share a little more of the spirit of that boldness we thought we could also maybe share with you some collected words of wisdom, fun and definition. Here are some life anthems, pearls of advice to 15 year old me’s, best ever compliments and just what it is about them that makes our subjects them so special….

“my theme song… it’s Michael Buble, ‘Its A Beautiful Day (And I Can’t Stop Myself From Smiling)’… even when it isn’t!”

“No, Rien De Rien. No, Je Ne Regret Rien!”

“yes, of course we can teach you to drive!”

“the trouble is, we think we have time” Jack Kornfield’s ‘Buddha’s Little Instruction Book’

“at 15 I was wearing a black PVC imitation ‘Beatles Hat’ – I might gently suggest I was not as trendy as I thought I was – my 15 year old self would ignore older me! More importantly while cycle touring in Wales, I met a delightful young lady at one of the Youth Hostels I was staying. It was agreed I would ‘exchange’ my ‘Beatles Hat’ for a kiss. I would definitely tell 15 year old self – it was worth at least two kisses!”

“never give up”

“as for what I would tell my 15 year old self, it would be to study hard and don’t be afraid to grasp opportunities that come your way. Also be pleasant and tolerable to other people.”

“‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right’ Henry Ford”

“I am me, unique in every sense. A strong African woman”

“apart from that I would not say anymore – I think it is unwise to place an ‘old head’ on young shoulders. Young people should have a childhood and teenagers their time to be ‘trendy; – you are a long time being an adult. We should always remember to keep ‘the child alive’ inside of us, however old we become.”

“you are a very good listener!”

“I would tell my 15 year old self – its time you understood boys/men/better –  right now!”

“This Will Be The Last Time”

“you are an inspiration to others”

“Oh Happy Day”

Bright, Beautiful and BOLD – that’s Real Stockton.