4 Easy Steps to Get Happy using Stockton Library!

How can Stockton Library make you happy? Easy really, through sharing:

1. SHARING LAUGHTER– Tuesday 17 June – go down at 6.30pm to hear Stephen May read from his new novel ‘Wake Up Happy Every Day’- a very funny 5 star reviewed work. I met Kate Fox there at her event. I am still chuffed about that which is proof it works- so honestly just do it! Booking is essential and tickets £3.

2. SHARING IMAGINATION– Thursday 19 June – Stories are wonderful, they take us on a journey of imagination. We are a creative and imaginative lot us humans but we don’t always get chance to exercise those muscles. Take a holiday from everyday and spend a short time on a trip engrossed in storytelling, alongside a shot of afternoon tea with Elizabeth Gill from 2-3.30pm. Do please also book, tickets are a teeny £2 which is a very cheap vacation.

3. SHARING THANKS– Friday 20 June – Gratitude is resoundingly powerful in making us appreciate what we have. I’ve gone right on about that here before so I won’t again BUT I will say if you go out of your way to look for scarcity in your life you will never be at a loss to find it. If you seek love and gratitude instead you’ll find it in spades. The enormity of the sacrifice our fellow townsfolk made for us in WW1 is hard to encapsulate. To commemorate them and to share with us the great gift of thankfulness, Stockton Library is hosting an incredible event entitled ‘Lest We Forget’ 6-9pm it is free but a ticket only event so please book.

4. SHARING NEW WORLDS– Saturday 21 June – 13-16 year olds are invited to a workshop to create the dystopia of their wildest dreams, flexing their written fantasy, artistry and originality with author Joe Kipling. Joe will be helping the participants to harness those creations and work them into believable worlds for readers. An incredible opportunity, it’s 11am-2pm and again amazingly it’s free but you do need to book.

We have no ordinary library here in Stockton and it’s just sat there patiently in the middle of town waiting for you, go along and make the most of it! All these events are part of a Crossing the Tees series. You can find links to more details by clicking here.

Libraries Sharing Happiness- that’s Real Stockton.