Cattle and Cane – that’s Real Stockton

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I don’t often listen to music with words, in fact I’ve been known to protest greatly at a vocal ‘spoiling’ what I was very happily listening to but then I met Joe, Helen and Tom from Cattle & Cane in a rather windswept Thornaby Village.

Honestly I’m full on hands on hips ‘welllll’ here as I don’t really know where to start.  This visit was Real Stockton in essence to me so I’m really struggling to put across to you how pleased I was to meet them without sounding like a sycophant drowning in treacle.

They are a super talented local family (including drummer, Honorary Hammill, Tom), that showed me a beautiful and historic (click here to Wikipedia yourself up) part of Stockton borough, who are totally passionate about Stockton. See? It’s kind of like a Real Stockton triple cherry jackpot drop.

I’ve downloaded itunes, which I haven’t had for years, just so I can buy this  because it’s beautiful. If you want to hear more of their music, which of course you do and must actually, I insist, click here and go now to their you tube channel, it’s fine I will wait here till you get back…

They play a host of intimate and larger stages both locally and nationally and I am following them now on twitter and facebook as I am totally going to the next one I can.

I feel I’m absolutely going to let them down here with my articulation as I am genuinely unused to guitars, lyrics and gigs so I’m groping around for the right language. But if I say to you I will be buying tickets for the next local gig and I can’t remember the last time I bought tickets for something that didn’t have a bassline that could punch into next week you get it right?  Unusually good.

Joe has flirted with the idea of allowing his music to be remixed, having already collaborated with Artful Dodger’s Mark Hill in Nashville last year.  I would love to hear that, and if you were remixed by Carl Cox that would be class thanks Joe.   I’ve already met Carl; well I say met, stood and stared at while pointing and mouthing ‘I love you’.  I’m sure he’ll remember me though.

Cattle & Cane are currently starring on Dermot O’Leary’s latest Saturday Sessions CD- click here to see the advert which you can buy now. With prime position on the advert put that in your pipe and smoke it those not proud as punch of Stockton (don’t though literally, smoking is truly vile).  So thank you lovely talented people for giving us such a gift.

Talking of which, Joe has written a song, Infant Hercules, click here for Joe’s version and his story of his lyrics for the male choir of the same name.  We’ve already been lucky enough to get to see and blogged about here if you missed that one.

We can meet the future, we can write a new page Joe sings in Infant Hercules; I couldn’t say that better myself.

Songs from the soul that make us all proud – that’s Real Stockton.