Creative Industry Pioneers- that’s Real Stockton

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“Have you met Tony from Creative Glass yet?” we were asked recently while chatting about Real Stockton (most of my conversations end with me hearing about super interesting people at the moment- it’s great fun).

We hadn’t.  I knew I recognised the company name, I just couldn’t place it.  Whether I have absorbed it from driving up and down Portrack Lane or through seeing and hearing about the proliferation of incredible pieces of work they have installed across the town, locality and country I don’t know.  I won’t forget it now though.

You need to see what Creative Glass do and have done.   Its not just beautiful, it’s breathtakingly diverse in its innovation and range and it’s everywhere!  You’re about to find out, like I did, you do already know them even if you think you don’t.

Tony Campbell warmly welcomed us to his showroom on Lustrum Avenue at Portrack, home to Creative Glass since 1992, to introduce us to his businesses wares, projects and journey- all of which are equally impressive.

Creative Glass started as a hobby, an artisan skill taken up as a creative outlet for Tony.  Travelling frequently in his role in Business Development, he found creating unique and interesting glass work helped to fill the tedious hotel stays.

As his skills developed he became increasingly aware that no-one was making anything quite like it for sale at home in Stockton or Teesside.  His curiosity piqued, in a time before the internet, he would scan the yellow pages in each business stop-over.  He found it wasn’t just Teesside, nothing appeared to exist in the market between a very traditional stained-glass approach and a mass-produced glazing offer.

It did from then on.  Creative Glass has been steered by Tony from that craft class hobby to a business with international reputation.  They create art with incredible subtlety and beauty, in public and private spaces, that I can guarantee you will likely already have admired.  Click here to go to their website  as it is not only impossible for me to list in this space everything they do but its also really difficult to pick out which pieces to highlight above others! (Albeit we had to include the shots above from our home town Stockton and need to point out all that vivid colour you’ve admired at The Empire? Yep that’s them too).

Nothing they create is the same, all is bespoke and you can own your own personal piece.  In the showroom are items to take away from the wall literally for your home, but alternatively they are also offered as prompts to your imagination.  From what I’ve seen I’m fairly confident to say to you if you can imagine it they can make it (and I have a pretty wild imagination).

From the windows in our brilliant new library in town, to a fantastic solution to cover up a not so pretty bit of our iconic infinity bridge (clever) their work is all around us all the time quietly making everything look a little more beautiful.  All originated, crafted and fitted by a local firm.

Currently working on a series of beacons for Oxford University to create a lit glass trail of famous alumni, they also have a piece of work with Middlesbrough Artists Twist Design currently on show in Singapore that was originally created for the Durham Lumiere.  You can find more details of these projects by clicking on their Facebook and Twitter if you fancy hooking up with them on social media.

At a recent award ceremony, three of the winners; Double 11, Evolution Valves and Intellect had all had reception areas designed by Creative Glass… I think that says it all really.  I could go on but I think you should go and see for yourself, check out their sites and find the pieces you recognise and be proud that they are from our town.  I am.

Innovative, creative and successful businesses – that’s Real Stockton.