Arc – that’s Real Stockton

Arc - Real Stockton

We love the Arc- what is not to love about the Arc?!

“What is THAT” *pointing with full outstretched arm* a house guest exclaimed to me one evening,  ” ah yes” I exclaimed proudly, “that’s Arc”.

A building that literally shines as a beacon of design and vibrancy.  Its pretty hard to take it for granted given its dominance of the local landscape, particularly at night.  Arc exudes buzz; who couldn’t be drawn to the bright lights through the glass walled invitation.  ‘Come in!’ It beckons, ‘everyone else is- look’.

For us, we’ve met friends here for lunch and coffee, bathing in warm sunlight and watching the world pass by, seen our children, and friends children, in plays and dance recitals, brought tots to full on 7os discos, watched movies, seen incredible comedians and amazing dramas, heard musicians that have moved us and even once bought a lego Hans Solo in Carbonite just after shaking hands with a wookie.

All this happened in one place, in our home town Stockton.  Every time we’ve walked away bursting with pride and gratitude that we have been able to share in a brilliant performance brought to us in such a beautiful place.  

The Arc and the amazing artists, creatives and back-stage planners and organisers – that’s Real Stockton.




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