This is Real Stockton

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This the home of Real Stockton…
who are also known sometimes as Katy & Martin…
or if you want to get a bit more serious, Katy McEwan and Martin Grant.

In late 2013 we recklessly published a photograph on social media of Stockton at night.

It was quickly commented on that it wasn’t ‘real Stockton’.  This really got us thinking, as it clearly was; geographically and genuinely Stockton.

Our brains process in the region of 11 million pieces of information a second yet the conscious mind is only able to process about 50.

We thought- why not make those 50 great bits?? So we write about, visit and photograph the faces, places, spaces and businesses that we feel proves the positive, creative and endless possibilities that make up Stockton. We choose to see Real Stockton as somewhere bold and beautiful.

We welcome anyone to join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Share with us a photography or story of the face of someone passionate who brings so much to our small corner of earth; it could be the incredible detail on a piece of architecture on the High Street; it could be a celebration; event or party; it could be a memory or impression or a vision of the great future we have ahead.

This is about Stockton and the people of Stockton and what Real Stockton is to you so go wild!

We will be hosting an exhibition around our core theme that Real Stockton is: fun, peaceful, vibrant, modern, traditional, creative, exciting, dynamic, industrious, positive, practical, artistic, unique and ours.  If you would like to be involved drop us a line.

We do take commissions to build and facilitate positive activities around writing, photography and perspectives with community groups, workplaces, events and individuals.

For more information please contact us.


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