Feats of Engineering and Iconic Landmark Pride – that’s Real Stockton

Okay, so we are off to a bit of an obvious start in the Real Stockton Blog… we all love bridges- what’s not to love about our fabulous bridges in Stockton?!

Awesome structures; they are great feats of engineering and beautifully lit, that draw photographers from near and far. It’s pretty hard to not take a photograph of something so impressive and also it’s pretty hard to take a duff picture of something so handsome!

They mean something to us too however these bridges as they are iconic. They are landmarks that bring us straight home in our hearts when we see them. Sometimes we need to look at them again, with new eyes, in case we’ve forgotten just how incredible they look.

So that’s one of our first Real Stockton invites- if you’ve stopped looking as they are there all the time, every day, blended into the scenery- look again and be impressed again.

Feats of Engineering & Iconic Landmark Pride – that’s Real Stockton to us.


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