Add a Pinch of Greece – that’s Real Stockton

Kaminaki Restaurant Stockton

Have you been to Kaminaki Greek Taverna on Church Road in Stockton?  If you have there is not much more we need to say to each other- we can just nod at each other slowly in shared understanding.

If you haven’t – for goodness sake go! There is so much to love about about Kaminaki. You will rave to anyone you meet, unprompted, about it thereafter. The food is delicious and makes choosing from the menu on subsequent visits something that needs serious prep time, starting up to 4 days pre-visit, in our case.  You’ll change your mind again though, at least twice, when you take a seat.

Tony, Dinah and her staff create an atmosphere that envelops and draws you in.  The smells, the music, the atmosphere, the food and the warmth and attention from your hosts all carry you away from cares and worries.  It doesn’t take much of a leap of imagination, laughing and sharing great stories over a carafe of wine, to be transported to a warm Greek courtyard with nowhere to be but basking in the now.

Delicious in every sense.

Now THAT is not something you get everywhere and that’s in Stockton.  Right here in our great town! Click here to go to their website for all menu and contact details.

So a little bit of Greece – that’s Real Stockton to us.




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